The Vietnam Value, coined by Ministry of International Trade and Industry, commends and acknowledges brands that have such tremendous impacts on the nation’s growth. Not too new a brand on the marketplace, PVCFC has been honored for 4 times consecutively, proving insurmountable persistency and superfine inner values that an expert panel has incessantly vouched for. Founded to quench the thirst of fertilizers in the Mekong Delta area, this mission has remained on the go and been fully accomplished, indicating customers, growers and collaborators’ absolute trust for the products. 

“Phân bón Cà Mau – Hạt Ngọc Mùa Vàng” packages are wide in range and suitable for various plant species and soils, making it easier than ever for farmers to cut down on compost costs, guarantee a good harvest and optimize interests. Yielding was observed with a considerable rise every year and consumption target reaches the climax point, 1 million tons.
Not only is there a gradual increase in productivity, PVCVC’s panel of experts have left no stone unturned in a restless search for major breakthroughs in technological science, elevating the brand to another level. Accordingly, their products have made a household name both domestically and internationally. The company supply accounted for a good majority of the Cambodian market and many other countries, namely Brazil, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc. 

With the ever-changing pace of the revolving world, innumerable insuperable challenges are posed, together with countless opportunities, making the panel more determined than ever to become a forerunner and innovate. In confrontation with climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, they are pulling their weight to support growers nationwide by many humanitarian programs on either an effective way for applying fertilizers or how to economize as the corporation can never break its pledge to ensure security. This is also one of the company’s deep-rooted traditions. 

Quality-Novelty-Creativity-Pioneering are what our country has always been after in this revolutionizing age. With a role as a torchbearer, PVCFC is deserved to be a national brand with every of its potential and prestige profoundly proved. The consecutive receipt of the prize will undoubtedly become a kick-start for the company’s preponderance over the nation’s and region’s markets, through which public interest is generated and a refined image of Vietnam is spread worldwide.